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Hailu Mergia auf Tournee

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Hailu Mergia auf Tournee

Beitragvon Birgitt » 12.06.2018 17:43

Lala Belu - Tour 2018

28.06.2018 - DE - Lärz, Fusion
13.07.2018 - DE - Hamburg, Knust

"I have never attended a better concert" Tagesspiegel (Berlin)

Many times we enjoyed telling this amazing story: It is about the triumphant return to the music biz of one of Ethiopia's leading performers - an instrumentalist who was forced into exile by a dictatorial regime hostile to the arts and ended up driving cabs for almost 30 years.

Early in 2018, Hailu Mergia's amazing account is finally coming full circle: After the blogger, DJ and label owner Brian Shimkovitz had tracked down Mergia in DC, he released three fantastic reissues of the keyboardist's older materials. The maestro started to perform publicly again late in 2013 with sold out venues and amazed fans over three continents. Now Awesome Tapes From Africa, Shimokivitz' imprint, will release "Lala Belu", Mergia's long-expected comeback album of all new music.

To celebrate this amazing achievement, Mergia will be on the road again, backed by America's leading Ethiopian bassist Alem Kebede and the longtime drummer of reggae legends Culture, Ken Joseph, to present more elegant excursions in Ethio-Jazz ... mehr

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