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Namibia reenter 90 Days again

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Namibia reenter 90 Days again

Beitragvon exwro » 21.01.2017 05:23

Hi i am a german passportholder and i have to leave after 90 Days nambia .. But i havet still things to do here for another 3 Month , So does anybody know if i will leave namibia to one of the neighbour countrys and come back will i get another 90 Days
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Re: Namibia reenter 90 Days again

Beitragvon christian aus Freiburg » 21.01.2017 17:48


Normally it is restricted to 3 month in one Year. But may be you have luck, especially when entering at a small boarder.

Regards Christian
christian aus Freiburg
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Re: Namibia reenter 90 Days again

Beitragvon Simba » 10.04.2017 17:11

as they will tell you have to leave the CONTINENT! Same in RSA.
Don´t think you can "cheat" at least at most of the borders due to more and more use of EDV cross-linking.
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Re: Namibia reenter 90 Days again

Beitragvon Thomas Lehn » 10.04.2017 18:22

Für solche Fälle hilft ein zweiter Reisepass...
Das Leben ist eine Reise
Reisen ist unser Leben
Thomas Lehn
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