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Dont't go to Iran ... Tourismus im Iran

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Dont't go to Iran ... Tourismus im Iran

Beitragvon Birgitt » 29.07.2016 17:49

Seit dem Atomabkommen sowie den (teilweisen) Aufhebungen der Sanktionen wird der Iran immer attraktiver für Touristen. Dazu hat u.a. auch das Video von Benjamin Martinie mit dem Titel "Don't go to Iran" beigetragen ...

When the video Don't Go To Iran first hit the internet this spring, the title made some Iranians fear it would be yet another effort to taint the country's image. But it was quite the opposite. French filmmaker Benjamin Martinie said the video aimed to clear up misconceptions about Iran, by countering common stereotypes through clips from his recent visit. The video has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube and Vimeo, and is frequently shared among Iranians within the country via social media. "I would say a lot of people might not know [much] about Iran, outside of the things you hear on the news," Martinie, who specialises in travel videography, told Al Jazeera. "Iran is changing, and the tourism potential is really high. The warmth of the people, the cultural warmth and the many amazing landscapes are all assets."

Tourism on the rebound in Iran
29.07.2016 - Aljazeera

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